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Two teenage girls navigate their way through an urban jungle as they struggle against crime, drugs and the seedier side of the entertainment business.

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Angel and her best friend Candy — both 15 — want out of the urban jungle they were born into — Angel by studying and going to Uni, while Candy dreams of fame and stardom as a singer. Though they try to keep their noses clean, trouble soon finds them. DJ Raffa — a hyper-violent gangster, DJ and wannabe celebrity who runs the notorious RV-10 gang — comes to their estate. Candy tries to flirt with him but he puts her down: “Try again when you got some flesh on your booty, man!” Candy swears revenge on Raffa.

Now aged 20, Angel and Candy are decorating their new flat, which they share with Merrylegs, a gay photographer and artist.

The girls tease Merrylegs about being mere paparazzi, but he protests — he has pretensions towards being a fashion photographer and artist.

Merrylegs is excited — he’s been commissioned by a magazine to do 
a shoot with Raffa, now a successful DJ and talent scout with his own nightclub and new TV talent show: “Raffa’s Nu Blood”. Merrylegs is surprised when Angel tells him they know Raffa, about whom Candy is scathing — she hasn’t forgotten or forgiven his insult. Merrylegs is star struck and won’t hear a bad word against Raffa.

She suggests they check out their local pub, the Gadfly. Candy’s heard it has it has open mic nights, and she’s keen to have a go. Merrylegs says he’ll meet them there after his shoot with Raffa.

It’s open mic night at the local pub. Candy gets up and does a number. She is sensational — great voice and killer dance moves.

Merrylegs arrives just in time to catch the end of her song. He’s flushed with his own success — the shoot with Raffa has gone well, and he’s been invited to Raffa’s club later. He invites the girls to go with him and tells Candy she should go on Raffa’s Nu Blood. “Raffa’s nu blood? I’d rather puke my own blood!”

Angel says, now that he’s a successful celebrity, he could be a useful contact if Candy is serious about being a singer. Reluctantly, she agrees.

At ‘Terra’, Raffa’s club, later that night, Merrylegs and the girls are having fun. Raffa arrives and Merrylegs tells him Candy is an amazing singer. Not remembering her from five years before, Raffa demands to see for himself, and Candy gives another show-stopping performance.

The crowd demand another song. Candy announces she’s going to do a duet — with Angel! Horrified, Angel refuses to sing, but the crowd calls her name over and over.

To Candy’s surprise, after a slow start, Angel is really good. In the corner of the club sits the sullen figure of disabled ex-soldier Rigg, drinking alone. He is lost in his own thoughts until the sound of Angel’s voice wakes him, spellbound, from his reverie.

Raffa makes a pass at Candy. Remembering his insult from five years earlier she tells him to ‘‘try again when you got some flesh on your booty, man!”

Furious, Raffa goes to hit her, but is stopped by Rigg, who moves lightning fast for a man with a limp.

Raffa’s minders set upon Rigg. Angel and Candy break up the fight by throwing themselves between them and screaming.

Raffa finds it amusing: he laughs and gives Candy his card — “call me”.

As Candy is drawn deeper into the seductive world of celebrity and drugs, Angel fights to save her — from Raffa, from addiction, but most of all, from herself.

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