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To save his flock from invading Cuckoos, teenage Nightingale Oscar Smallwing must overcome his vertigo and learn that, to fit in, first you’ve got to stand out.

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Teenage Nightingale Oscar Smallwing has issues. Three, to be precise. First, he has vertigo! And any self-respecting Gale wants to soar into the Clearing at the Singfly competition.

The second problem? His singing. Every time he tries, strange noises come out — not the beautiful classical singing of the Flock, but some weird vocal gymnastics called R’n’B.  And the third thing? He’s fallen for sassy Nightingale chick Riley Rakewing. Like that’s ever going to happen.

He just wants to fit in and make his Pa proud of him, but everything he tries goes wrong.

Oscar prays he won’t be selected for the next Singfly. Why would a loser like him want to take part in a singing and flying competition? Then one day his name is drawn from The Golden Nest and his whole world falls apart.

Ma and Pa go into a tailspin, getting Oscar ready. When Singfly comes round, Oscar crashes and burns — the first teenage Nightingale ever to fail Singfly! Oscar and his parents are humiliated.

In shame, Oscar runs away to The Westwood — home of the mysterious Magpies. And there his adventures really begin.

He meets four crazy Magpie brothers — they must be crazy because they like his singing and decide to help him ‘get the Gale’ by kidnapping Riley! They teach him to fly at ‘Ultraspeed’ and he discovers that, before you can fit in, you have to stand out.

Then one day he accidentally discovers there’s an armada of Cuckoos about to invade his wood.  And so Oscar becomes the unlikely hero as he sets out to save the Flock and get the Gale. There are no guarantees — he’s strictly wingin’ it!

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